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Workers' Compensation / Personal Injury

Whether you are injured at work, in an automobile or motorcycle accident, or suffer any physical injury or property loss, you should know what your rights are before dealing with the insurance company. In most cases, having a trained and experienced trial attorney on your side results in higher compensation settlements. Let the Law Offices of Shawn J. Sullivan help! Most cases are accepted on a contingency basis where we collect no fee unless you get the compensation you deserve. Attorney Sullivan has handled hundreds of workers compensation claims privately, and for his union clients since 1987. These range from medical only to catastrophic injury and death benefit claims. He can assist with the coordination of your comp benefits with your other entitlements. For our union clients, we can customize a full service workers compensation claims assistance service. This includes advice, claims filing, and representation at the time of the injury itself. Call or email for a free initial case evaluation.

  • * Automobile and OHRV Accidents
  • * Workers Compensation
  • * Industrial Accidents
  • * Premises Liability
  • * Negligent Conduct
  • * Homeowner's Insurance Litigation
  • * Fire & Theft Insurance Litigation
  • * Disability Insurance Claims
  • * Disability Pension Claims
  • * Social Security Disability Claims

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Injured Worker Guidelines for Union Members and Local Comp Coordinators